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Honda Outboard Engines

Honda Outboard Engines For Sale

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Honda Outboards combine unique innovations with sleek, elegant designs and a superb silver finish. They’re first choice for reliability, fuel-efficiency and performance at any level.

From the compact, portable power of the Honda 2.3 and new 4,5 & 6 horsepower outboards to the ultimate power of the Honda 250hp and everything in between, our knowledgeable staff will be able to help you purchase the right outboard for your needs.

4 Stroke Pioneers

the leader in 4 Stroke technology for 50 years

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Soichiro Honda had a simple idea to make outboard engines cleaner, quieter and friendlier towards aquatic life – he made them 4-stroke. It was a solution that made Honda pioneers in marine engine technology, but more importantly it made us more responsible towards this fragile environmental resource.

A watertight warranty – like our engines, a Honda warranty is the best you can get

The reason is reliability: better salt water protection through better anti-corrosion technology, and superior servicing with our specially trained Honda technicians. Every Honda Marine customer has the support of a 6 year domestic or 2 year professional warranty, so you’re covered whatever the use. It will also maintain the same value throughout its warranty period – that means your last day of cover is as good as your first. We think that’s pretty unbeatable too.

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“Honda introduced the first 4-stroke outboard engine in America more than 40 years ago. Back then, we were ahead of our time. Today, we’re still leading the way in engineering innovations and precision manufacturing. From the BF2.3 to the BF250, Honda outboards deliver best-of-class features across the line.”

Honda has long been recognized as a leader in innovative technologies designed to reduce the environmental impact of its products.

With improved fuel efficiency and reduced emissions, our engines are no exception.



Tohatsu BFT Outboards

Tohatsu is Japan’s oldest outboard manufactuer that deliveres the best boating experience by providing outboards that are simple, easy to use and reliable. Through quality and performance, Tohatsu has set themselves apart from the competition, ensuring they provide the best technology in the industry.



BFT 250/225/200

If you are in the market for super power and electrifying speed then the four stroke, 3.5 liter V6 motor is built for you. You will not be dissapointed with the reliability, durability and power that Tohatsu has to offer. This series offers great torque, top end performance and outstanding fuel economy, along with all of the technology listed below:

  • Dual Stage Induction for improved performance
  • Lean burn control for better fuel economy at cruising speeds
  • Boosted low speed torque helps to deliver an exceptional hole shot
  • Variable valve timing and lift control
  • 3-Way Cooling System to help protect against overheating
  • Heavy duty 5” diameter gear case built to withstand extreme conditions
  • Non-linear rubber mounts provide smoother operation at all engine speeds
  • A crankshaft-driven trochoid oil pump ensures long-term durability of critical engine components
  • Multi-port Programmed Fuel Injection delivers the precise amount of fuel/air to each cylinder
  • 5 Year limited warranty

BFT 150/115

The Tohatsu 4 cylinder, 4 stroke BFT series maintains power and a smooth cruise while offering top class fuel efficiency.  Take the power of the engine and combine it with Tohatsu’s onbard warning systems and you have yourself a top notch set-up with a sense of security.

  • Dual stage induction for improved performance
  • Lean burn control for better fuel economy at cruising speeds
  • Variable valve timing and lift control
  • 3-way cooling system to help protect against overheating
  • Non-linear rubber mounts provide smoother operation at all engine speeds
  • A crankshaft-driven trochoid oil pump ensures long-term durability of critical engine components
  • Multi-port programmed fuel injection delivers the precise amount of fuel/air to each cylinder
  • 5 year warranty


This series of Tohatsu outboards are lightweight, dependable and very handy. The motors are the lightest in their class weighing in under 360 pounds. With a built in freshwater flushing system, double sealed paint process, stainless steel technology, and 5 year warranty, you are getting more bang for your buck. Oh yeah, and all the features listed below, it just doesn’t get better than this.

  • High output 44 amp alternator that produces nearly twice as many charging amps as some competitors
  • Weighing in at only 359lbs makes the BFT90 one of the lightest motors in its class
  • In-line 4 cylinder SOHC, dual intake valves help deliver excellent torque and power
  • Double sealed multi-layered paint process to help protect against corrosion
  • Ultra-low 3 star CARB emission approved
  • 5 Year limited warranty
Honda BF Outboards

Did you know that Honda was the first marine manufacturer in the world to offer four-stroke options in the industry? Honda is also the only manufacturer to offer a full five-year warranty. You can trust Honda’s attention to detail, reliability and power. Find out more about Honda outboards below.

BF 250/225/200

This Honda series is powerful, dependable and efficient. Perfect for center consoles, pontoons, fishing boats and deck boats this 3.5 liter V6 engine is a fan favorite including multiple technologies such as BLAST, VTEC, Lean Burn Control and a NMEA 2000 interface.

  • Blast- Maximum holeshot performance
  • VTEC- powerful mid-range torque
  • Lean Burn Control for fuel efficiency

Don’t forget about Honda’s 5 year warranty, that tops off the series making it great for any adventure whether offshore or on the lake.

BF150, BF135 and BF115

The perfect mid-size, four cylinder engine that delivers quality and reliability. All three of the engines have Lean Burn Control for fuel efficiency, and dual overhead cam which pulls more air in for increased horsepower. This Honda series is perfect for pontoon, bay boat, catamaran and center console owners.

Features included:

  • Blast, VTEC Technology [on the BF150] , Lean Burn Control
  • NMEA2000
  • Dual Stage Induction
  • Programmed Fuel Injection
  • 3 Way Cooling System
  • Freshwater Flush Port
  • Engine Alert System
  • 5 Year Full Warranty

BF 100/90/75

Honda has raised the bar on their mid-range engines. All three models feature new rigging components including a new digital multi-function display, and a new multi-function tiller handle which includes power trim-tilt switch, trolling control and engine alert panel. These mid-range engines are economical, effiecient and durable which means more quality time, less worry.


  • BLast, VTEC [BF100 & BF90], Lean Burn Control
  • High Output Alternator
  • Freshwater Flush Port
  • 3-Way Cooling
  • Non-Linear Mounting System
  • Engine Alert System
  • Honda’s 5 year full warranty

Honda 100 Hour Maintenance Kits

Change the oil with ease using BOE Marine’s custom maintenance kit. The kit is available for Hp ranging from 8-250. Kits will ship same day if order is placed before 2pm EST. Save yourself the time and click “add to cart”!

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